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Achieve and Maintain Your Competitive Advantage with These Smart Solutions
The expansion of large chains across Canadian pharma is driving big changes in our industry. Independents need to keep up. Adapting your retail pharmacy to the new demands of the Canadian pharma marketplace means investing significant time and resources.
We leverage over 340 Million in purchasing volume to offer our members one of the most comprehensive purchasing pharma portfolios in the country. Our goal is to help you save on multiple elements of your practice beyond replenishing pharmaceuticals. Whatever your needs, we have you covered.
How can you succeed and stay ahead of the cost curve? Enter API. As part of our commitment, we listen to the needs of our members to develop fee-based products and services designed to address your operational needs without distracting from your main mission: to provide superior patient care.
API offers a superior approach to purchasing, operational support and professional development by providing access to some of the most competitive pricing for the products and services our members use every day- all with no monthly membership fees. Here are just a few of the turn-key solutions we offer our members:

Operational Support
  • Stock Allocation Program
  • Discounted insurance plans for business operations and personal coverage
  • Group Health Benefits
  • Merchant services program
  • Pharmacy supplies program
  • Free web-based and mobile app for your patients
  • Significant savings on point of sale, debit and credit card solutions
  • Free PharmAdvise™ patient information brochures and quarterly magazine
Purchasing Advantages
  • Flexibility to purchase from any of the top five generic manufacturers
  • Direct member dealings with your generic suppliers in all aspects of your business and marketing
  • Choose from our two primary wholesalers; McKesson or K&F
  • Significant discounts on pharmaceutical-support inventory – i.e. vials, bags ect…
  • 0% upcharge program
  • Home Healthcare suite of products from leading manufacturers
Professional Development
  • Free Professional Liability Insurance Program
  • Annual Trade Show
  • Continuing Education Programs
  • Ontario College of Pharmacists Library Program
  • eCPS, eTherapuetics, drug-drug interaction subscription
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